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OFFSHORE EXPRESS LLC - an international network of consulting companies, the existing structure as an open and unified by professionals in the field of Management, financial, legal, banking, auditing and accounting, coordinated Holding Group Swiss AG.

In the CIS countries, we offer services such as: registration of offshore (offshore companies), sales of ready-made offshore companies, holding companies and businesses in the EU, attracting investment and loan funds for business in Ukraine, accreditation of representative offices, opening bank accounts in offshore zones, in the UK Cyprus, British Virgin Islands (BVI, BVI), Seychelles (Seychelles), Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Belize, Panama, England and the United States, as well as in such rekspektabelnyh offshore jurisdictions like Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Through a subsidiary licensed finasnovuyu company in Ukraine, we present atkzhe service investment banking, buying and selling securities, asset management and asset management of mutual funds, as well as traditional Wealth Management for high net worth private clients.

Mission Offshore Express LLC is located in the Business Center "A" class, together with us in the same building are representative of most banks in Lithuania, Latvia, Cyprus, Switzerland, opening accounts offshore companies. Buying an offshore company and open an account with us in this way is as simple and convenient, you get the maximum services in one place, having the opportunity to immediately pooobschatsya with banks in different countries and choose the best option - no one in Ukraine will no longer offer this option. We are also a number of official representatives of foreign banks in Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein and the Caribbean banks, which allows the maximum speed up the opening of accounts and certification of all required documents in Ukraine

We recommend that companies and banks in countries where the laws and customs of business conduct within the guarantee customer's business processes with acceptable privacy settings and minimal risks. Offshore and companies in the EU are not only effective and legal way to tax planning - they open the possibility of obtaining cheaper financial resources for development in the form of loans, bonds and direct investment. Quite simply - if you want to get a loan, or find investors abroad - to make sure that it was convenient to "put" money into your business - open at least a company and an account in the country where the money are. This is how to speak the language of your buyer. Who to contact for cheap money - we'll tell. How to explain back guarantee - too. But the first step zaDami - buy offshore and open an account for receiving money.

Good luck and good decisions!

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