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Cooperation with OFFSHORE EXPRESS

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OFFSHORE EXPRESS constantly making every effort to better serve our clients and developing ongoing business relationships in the CIS countries. Our company has developed a special affiliate program, offering to cooperate with us on specially favorable terms. If you are:

  • - A practicing lawyer, law firm, auditor, financial advisor
  • - Legal, consulting, auditing or accounting firm
  • - Financial companies or professionalny financial intermediary,
  • - Business owner clients who need regular and high-quality incorporation services related to foreign deyalnostyu, banking, and investment in the EU, or just have friends, colleagues and partners in need of such;

We can offer you the opportunity to extract from working with us an additional benefit - in the form of your discounts and agency fees, which in fact will be your net profit.

In the case of purchases during the year in the network OFFSHORE EXPRESS two or more companies are ready, you can order a numbered club card OFFSHORE EXPRESS. From now on, referring to the maps in the implementation of further orders, you can receive significant discounts and more favorable business conditions for its subsequent orders:

  • Offshore Express Classic Card - issued after the acquisition of two non-resident companies. Card entitles you to an affiliate discount on subsequent orders of 5-10% (depending on the particular service).
  • Offshore Express Gold Card - issued after a purchase or joint implementation of five non-resident companies. Card entitles you to an affiliate discount of 10-15% (depending on the particular service) and free of corporate cards VISA Election / Maestro Business Noname for commission
  • Offshore Express Platinum Card - issued after a purchase or joint implementation of 10 companies. Entitles you to discounts on further orders amounting to 15-20% (depending on the particular service), as well as for the status of official representative, the registration e-mail address directly on our server, and free corporate cards VISA / MasterCard Business for commission .
  • Offshore Express Ultimate Card - issued after the sales in an amount equivalent to $ 100K or under a separate decision management at zaklchenii deals with very important clients. Ultimate Card predostaavlyat addition to the affiliate rebate Platinum right to trade credit equal to 50% of sales obma 1 year, as well as the possibility of holding negotiations with buyers in any office network Offshore Express, a business-class car with a driver for a visit to another city on matters related to general business, if necessary, protection, interpreter, lawyer, secretary, personal assistant and etc.

Now many business representatives have come to demand reliably and accurately register their non-resident company. Moezhte help you acquire an offshore company and open a bank account to your friends, partners and businesses in your area with our company and, accordingly, receive the appropriate commission percentage.

For what would become our partner you need to send a request via the feedback form under Contact Us on our website by completing and sending us an agent application form, or simply call us and arrange the most appropriate conditions for you cooperation.

Invoices for services for buying a company on your instructions for attracting clients, we can show how taking into account the discount amount and the standard praysovuyu amount and the amount of commission in the subsequent return to your specified account or transfer the credit card.

We do not set any special conditions for our partners, except the desire to sell and earn more. Even if not yet consider the experience enough to separate consultations on the choice of non-resident company and the right bank for a particular type of business - our specialists will assist in the preparation and poderzhkoy answer any questions from customers, and always personally consult a convenient client method.

Looking forward to seeing you in our offices for negotiations on all nansam mutually beneficial cooperation.