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Best price on the finished Offshore 2010 from Offshor Express: Only for customers from the CIS - the possibility of acquiring finished an offshore company in Seychelles in the package "all inclusive" in special circumstances

Why pay more - buy from our official representatives on the price of the manufacturer ready Offshore in the Seychelles. We have formed a special offer for Seychelles, which includes:

  • Registered agent services (Secretary) Company

  • providing a registered office in Seychelles

  • services of three nominee directors

  • nominee shareholders

  • Package constituent documents under Apostille English

  • blank power of attorney under the apostille with an empty holder

  • contract for asset management and ownership of the company

  • round seal of the company

  • courier delivery of documents TNT or DHL to any city in the CIS

When buying a company you also get a 50% discount when ordering the service to open a bank account through our offices in the Bank of Lithuania, Latvia, Cyprus and the Caribbean.