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What is offshore? Registration of offshore company or a company ready?

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How to open an offshore bank account? You need a tax-free company in the offshore zone, offshore accounts and offshore bank? Your goal - the optimization of taxation, tax planning? The answer is simple - ...

For a start buy ready-made offshore company. For a test drive. It's accessible and easy. And confidentially. Click the "offshore" account, but it is best to offshore accounts in different banks - try to work as internet banking, compare the convenience. It's too easy. And now it's time to register an offshore company under the order, already with the correct name and in the offshore bank that you went over everything.

Why so? You might think that could very well do the same off-shore company and one offshore accounts. Unfortunately - this is impossible if you're interested in the stability of your business. The Bank, like any other company subject to external factors - check local central banks, the change of owners, vacation time, etc. - Usually once every half year the situation may happen that the bank will not work as effectively as we would like you, or some "delay" payments - that too is not allowed.

So, to that period was not reflected in your business - it is possible to ability to make some time to translate the financial flows to another bank. Especially if your business is not limited to a few tens of thousands of dollars or euros per month. Checked. Powered by 100%. And the loyalty of both banks increases significantly after these movements - they understand that you have a choice of where to store the money and with whom to work. Bank of Cyprus, Bank of Lithuania, the Bank of Latvia, Bank of Switzerland - is impossible to unequivocally recommend which bank is best for every situation there is an optimal bank.

In fact, such nansov seemingly insignificant, in the offshore business, quite a lot. As an independent financial intermediary, we always provide our customers with the best offshore solution to the existing time and help to respond do not change in the financial and banking sector.

Otherwise, your company in an offshore zone - just a collection of papers. With us - it will become a tool for earning money. Always glad to advise how to do it as quickly as possible.